Honey Stinger Energy Bar – 15 Pack

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Honey Stinger Bar Box of 15. If you've ever done a 12 hour bike race or a long adventure race, you'd know that gels can only remain appetizing for so long. After a half day of slurping down semi-liqui..read more

If you’ve ever done a 12 hour bike race or a long adventure race, you’d know that gels can only remain appetizing for so long. Honey.After a half day of slurping down semi-liquid nutrition products, you’ll crave something that you can chew.

Honey Stinger Energy Bars “feel” more like normal food, but they offer all of the easy-to-digest attributes of Honey Stinger Energy Gel.
Honey is nature’s energy food.
The bees that produce it have done the difficult work of transforming it into a just right blend of simple sugars that are easily and quickly digestible for us.
This blend of glucose and fructose is 1:1 in honey and is the same as the fruit we eat.
That’s why honey is such a great endurance nutrition product — it won’t upset your stomach as you eat and continue on with your exertion.
Honey Stinger Energy Bars are made of at least 30% honey and offer 20% of your Daily allowance of protein along with 22 vitamins and minerals, calcium, and antioxidants.
They come in a box of 15 bars and are available in four flavors — Apple Cinnamon, Berry Banana Buzz, Peanut Butter ‘n Honey, and Rocket Chocolate.Calories: [Rocket Chocolate] 190; [Peanut Butter n’ Honey] 190; [Apple Cinnamon] 180

  • Total Carbohydrates: [Rocket Chocolate] 28 g; [Peanut Butter n’ Honey] 27 g; [Apple Cinnamon] 28 g
    Total Fat: [Rocket Chocolate] 4.5 g; [Peanut Butter n’ Honey] 5 g; [Apple Cinnamon] 3 g
    Saturated Fat: [Rocket Chocolate] 2.5 g; [Peanut Butter n’ Honey] 2 g; [Apple Cinnamon] 1.5 g
    Protein: 10 g
  • Feature:Sodium: [Rocket Chocolate] 170 mg; [Peanut Butter n’ Honey] 140 mg; [Apple Cinnamon] 160 mg
    Cholesterol: 0 mg
    Dietary Fiber: 2 g
    Sugars: [Rocket Chocolate] 18 g; [Peanut Butter n’ Honey] 17 g; [Apple Cinnamon] 22 g
    Potassium: [Rocket Chocolate 160 mg; [Peanut Butter n’ Honey] 170 mg; [Apple Cinnamon] 130 mg

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