Nerf N-Strike Stampede ECS

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Hasbro Nerf N-Strike Stampede ECS-50.

The Nerf N-Strike ECS blaster is one of the most awesome and exciting N-Strike developments released in over 40 years of Nerf brand history

  • The first fully automatic Nerf Clip System blaster to date
  • The N-Strike Stampede ECS blaster features a new pop-out bipod, which doubles as a handle
  • A removable shield allowing players to transition to Attack Mode
  • The ultimate full auto clip system blaster complete with a Blast Shield, Pop-Out Bipod, 3 Extended Clips, 1 Quick-Reload Clip and 60 darts
  • Model:94665
  • 2010-08-01
  • Nerf N-Strike Stampede ECS

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