Pi Shower Curtain

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Made from environmental friendly EVA The Pi Shower Curtain Features Hand screened multiple times graphics for color brightness. Transform your bathroom from boring to fun!

What is Pi? Is it the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter or a mathematical constant throughout the universe? Or both? Containing over 4,600 numbers of Pi, our Pi shower curtain is the logical choice for a transcendental bathroom.

SMART shower curtains bring fun and easy learning experiences into your home through environmentally conscious products. Most of life’s basic knowledge is discovered at an early age and usually forgotten by the time we’re adults. Amazingly enough we call have a natural curiosity that allows us to continually absorb everything around us.

So what’s the easiest way to learn and remember something? See it over and over again. And where do you spend a lot of time everyday? In the bathroom! Whether you’re brushing your teeth or jumping into the tub you’re bound to look at these SMART shower curtains and have fun soaking up from cools facts without even trying. We’re certain that you will enjoy using these shower curtains! 71″ x 71″. Gift messages may also be included on packing list.

  • Feature:Transform your bathroom from boring to fun!
  • Feature:Made from environmental friendly EVA
  • Feature:Hand screened multiple times for color brightness

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